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Ms. Bonaventia Culmer, MT
Ms. Bonaventia Culmer, MTPresident, CASMETbculmer@casmet.net
President of the Caribbean Association of Medical Technologists (CASMET) 2019-2020.

The Caribbean Association of Medical Technologists (formerly the Society of Medical Technologists, W. I.) was founded at the Mona campus of the University of the West Indies, Jamaica in 1954. Subsequently Branches were established in The Bahamas, Barbados, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, Grenada, Curacao and Suriname. In territories where there are no Branches, members are assigned to a neighbouring Branch.

There are members of CASMET throughout the twenty three nations of the Caribbean. The membership of CASMET is inclusive of Clinical Laboratory Professionals, such as Medical Laboratory Technologists and Technicians, Phlebotomists, other laboratory scientists and support staff, as well as students.

In 1989, CASMET became an affiliate of the American Medical Technologists (AMT), due to the perceived benefits to be derived as an associate of an internationally recognized organization.

Our present aims and objectives include the following:

  • To promote the development of professionalism among Clinical Laboratory Professionals within the Caribbean.
  • To function as a collaborative and advisory body to respective governments and teaching institutions.
  • To provide opportunities for Continuing Education.
  • To promote the ISO 15189:2007 standard. 
  • To encourage the certification and/ or registration of all practising Clinical Laboratory Professionals.
  • To encourage members to participate in scientific meetings.
  • To promote individual research in areas of Medical Laboratory Technology.

As a member of CASMET some of the benefits which may be obtained, include:

  • Access to networking opportunities among the CASMET membership.
  • Active participation in the growth, development and regulation of CASMET.
  • Earning continuing education credits, through attendance of the Biennial General Meeting and Scientific Symposium as well as other related seminars or workshops.
  • AMT membership at half cost.
1953 – 1956     Professor Kenneth Hill (Jamaica)
1956 – 1972     Professor G. Bras (Jamaica)
1972 – 1973     Jacqueline McDonald (Jamaica)
1973 – 1975     Ivan Alfred   (Jamaica)
1975 – 1977     Victor Elliot  (Jamaica)
1977 – 1978     Barbara Chung (Jamaica)
1978 – 1980     Barbara Waite (Jamaica)
1980 – 1982     Darcy Evans  (Barbados)
1982 – 1984     Dorothy Bowleg (The Bahamas)
1984 – 1987     Victor Farrell  (Barbados)
1987 – 1989     James Mackey (The Bahamas)
1989 – 1991     Beverley Taylor (Jamaica)
1991 – 1993     Normal Burke (Jamaica)
1993 – 1995     Jacob Cooper (The Bahamas)
1995 – 1997     Warren Williams (Jamaica)
1997 – 1999     Icelyn Butler   (The Bahamas)
1999 – 2001     Shirematee Baboolal (Trinidad & Tobago)
2001 – 2003     Greselda Evans ( Barbados)
2003 – 2005     Bonaventia Culmer (The Bahamas)
2005 – 2007     Juan Ward (Barbados)
2007 – 2009     Coleen Sinclair-Mattis (Jamaica)
2009 – 2011     Janice WissArt (Jamaica)
2011 – 2013     Grant Lambert  (Greneda)
2013 – 2015     Jasmin Hanley (St. Kitts & Nevis)

2015 - 2017     HARRY NARINE              TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO
History At A Glance
May 1953
The first meeting was held at the Mona Camus of the University of the West Indies Jamaica. Formerly the Society of Medical Technologists.
1998 – 1999

Our Professional Culture


To be recognized as the Caribbean Association for medical laboratory professionals dedicated to meeting the needs and requirements of its members and clients, providing dynamic visionary leadership, advocacy at the highest level, educational development and support for regulatory mechanisms encouraging members to aspire to the highest standards of professional conduct, thereby promoting delivery of quality health


Laboratory Professionals partnering to provide Quality Healthcare CORE VALUES - Excellence, Quality, Integrity, Professionalism (EQIP) care.

  • Develop professionalism among Medial Laboratory Professionals within their countries
  • Act as a collaborator and an advisory body to their respective governments and institutions 
  • Provide continuing education opportunities
  • Maintain international standards in Quality Control and safety
  • Uphold the ethics of the profession
  • Encourage certification and registration of all practicing medical laboratory professionals
  • Promote research and participation in scientific meetings
  • Scientific symposium and awards banquet held every two years in one of our beautiful Caribbean island
  • International and regional speakers give presentations on cutting edge technology
  • Members address pertinent issues involving the growth of medical laboratory professionals
  • International and regional exhibitors attend to show their instruments and products


On entering at this time into the practice of Medical Technology, I accept with full realization of its implication, the responsibility associated with my duties.

I am aware that since the Physician or Surgeon relies upon my work in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, even an apparent trivial error may affect seriously the health or even the life of a patient.  Every procedure, therefore, must be carried out with thoughtfulness and accuracy.

Knowing these things I recognize that my integrity and that of my profession must be pledged to the absolute reliability of my work.

I am aware of the need for co-operation and friendly understanding between my fellow workers and myself and for the patience, humanity and tact which must be exercised toward the patient who by reason of his illness is particularly needful of my skill and kindness.

I realize that the knowledge obtained concerning persons in the course of my work is privileged and confidential and that since  the Physician or Surgeon has the ultimate responsibility in diagnosis and treatment, my results may be made known only to him or another having duly constituted authority.

To these principles I hereby subscribe, promising to conduct myself at all times in a manner appropriate to the dignity of my profession

Why Should You Become a CASMET Member?
  • To be informed
  • Become a leader among your peer
  • Earn continuing education credits
  • Maintain an affiliation with AMT at half the cost
  • Provide financial support to an organization which directly satisfies your need for standardization and advocacy throughout your region
  • Participate in the growth, development and regulation of Medical Laboratory Professional
  • Networking opportunities
  • Earn awards for your contribution and participation in CASMET and towardsthe advancement of the profession

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