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To date we have 28 registered members of BAMT.We have held 4 meetings, with our Annual General Meeting pending  in June 2017.  

CASMET Secretariat

The CASMET Secretariat which opened in The Bahamas in October 2011 remains closed with the equipment still being housed at Bonaventure Medical Laboratory.  This equipment include the CASMET ID Printer, Laptop which is used only with the ID printer, and the Printer, Copier, Scanner. We continue to print CASMET ID’s from this location for distribution at the RCM.

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Bahamas Association of Medical Technologists

Branch report October 2016 to April 30th, 2017
Greetings & Introduction

The period between Oct 2016 to the April 30, 2017 was a relatvely a quiet period for BAMT. However we continue to press on while promoting Medical Technology and encouraging our Laboratory Professionals to continue to strive for better Quality in the workplace and to grow by continually increasing their knowledge within the profession.

NHI Still A Concern

National Health Insurance (NHI), continues to be a great concern for our Lab owners and Lab Adminsitrators. On April 24, 2017, physicians, followed by some Labs began signing contracts with NHI. NHI has established a National Health Insurance Authority to process claims from NHI providers and has also developed its own criteria and guidelines for its inspectorate to verify that all requirements are met for Labs and Physician Offices that wish to participate in the program.

As Lab Professionals we are still concerned about the Quality of Lab results to be generated from Physician Offices without well trained Technical staff, proper policies and procedures in place. We have not been able to successfully address this situation due to the fact that the current law allows for such practice. However we remain committed to stay on message and to cause greater attention to be paid to this pressing issue.

Although outside the scope of this report date, I must add that I am especially encouraged that a new government has been elected recently with the Prime Minister being a well known OB/GYN and the new Minister of Health is Dr. Duane Sands, who addressd the opening of our last RCM in Nassau. They are both well aware of our concerns.

Health Profession Council

The Health Profession Council of which I am a Board member has moved one step closer toward mandatory licensing of practicing phlebotomists. The minimum requirement will be the completion of a recognised Phlebotomy Training Program and Certification by a recognised certifying body.

Although no BAMT Phlebotomy course has been held thus far in 2017, BAMT will continue to provide training for Phlebotomists in country with certification by AMT at the end of each course. However the training is still ongoing as there are several other programs in country that currently offer Phlebotomy training as well.

National Laboratory Professionals Week

Lab Week church serviceNational Medical Laboratory Professionals week was celebrated April 23rd to 29th, 2017. BAMT celebrated wth the theme, ‘All Stars of the Profession - Laboratory Team’. It was a great week of comradery although the support could have been better for some events  .

The Week began with a Church service on Sunday April 23rd followed by lunch at the Atlantis Resort. 

Monday – Opening Ceremony Held at the Princess Margaret Hospital with guest speaker, Dr. Halliday. 

Tuesday – Well attended CE seminar on ‘Quality Assurance in the Laboratory’ by PMH Quality Supervisor, Dr. Camille Stephens. Meals and Venue were sponsored by Bonaventure Medical Laboratory 

Thursday – Webinar on Vaginitis presented by Caribbean Medical Lab with the Meals and Venue again sponsored by Bonaventure Medical Lab.

Friday – T-Shirt Day and Bowling for everyone at Mario’s Bowling

There were also events held by Laboratories where other Techs were invited to participate. One of the seminars sponsored by Bonaventure Medical Lab was presented by Leno Financial Services on “How to plan for your Retirement” This was very well attended and proved to be quite informative to those of us approaching that target. The second event sponsored by the same lab was by a renowned Bahamian painter and artist, Eddie Minnis, who spoke on the topic ‘Making your Best even Better.”

Ministry of Health IATA Training

In April, members of BAMT from both Private and Public Labs were invited to attend a 2 day IATA training semianrs sponsored by the Ministry of Health and CARPHA and facilited by PMH Quality and Technical Manager, Dr. Ismae Whyms. The event was very well received attended by persons from all around the Islands of The Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos. This opportunity was used to exchange contacts with persons from Turks and Caicos, a country which BAMT is responsible for recruitng and maintaining CASMET members. However there have been no return emails to date. However, we intend to continue trying to get some feedback.


In conclusion, The Bahamas Association of Medical Technologists continues to thrive with much of work being done by the few dedicated members. This is an ongoing struggle for the Chairperson as she makes a concerted effort to get more persons interested in the Association. However, I am pleased to report that the these few dedicated members are mostly younger members with new faces taking charge. This is a welcome change and I intend to continue to encourage the younger members to take up key roles in the Association as we move into the social media and IT age.

We wish you a successful RCM and hope to join you all in Guyana in October 2017.

Report Prepared by: Bonaventia Culmer, BAMT Council Member

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